COVID Conspiracies

10 featured resources    updated Aug 10, 2020

  • Contact Tracing Under Siege: Conspiracy Theories and Violent Threats Seek to Undermine America's Safe Return to Normality
    Institute for Strategic Dialogue
    Thomas, Elise; Gatewood, Cooper
  • Covid Conspiracies and Confusions: The Impact on Compliance with the UK's Lockdown Rules and the Link with Social Media Use
    Ipsos MORI (Firm); King's College London. The Policy Institute
    Allington, Daniel; Duffy, Bobby; Beaver, Kelly . . .
  • COVID-19 and 5G: A Case Study of Platforms' Content Moderation of Conspiracy Theories
    EU DisinfoLab
  • COVID-19, Conspiracy and Contagious Sedition: A Case Study on the Militia-Sphere
    Network Contagion Research Institute; Rutgers University. Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience
    Finkelstein, Joel; Donohue, John K.; Goldenberg, Alex . . .
  • Framing in Times of Crisis: Responses to COVID-19 Amongst Far Right Movements and Organisations
    International Centre for Counter-Terrorism
    McNeil-Willson, Richard
  • Health-Protective Behaviour, Social Media Usage and Conspiracy Belief During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
    Cambridge University Press
    Allington, Daniel; Wessely, Simon; Duffy, Bobby . . .
  • How to Spot COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
    George Mason University. Center for Climate Change Communication
    Lewandowsky, Stephan; Cook, John; Ecker, Ullrich . . .
  • ID2020, Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast: How COVID-19 Catalyses Existing Online Conspiracy Movements
    Australian Strategic Policy Institute
    Thomas, Elise; Zhang, Albert
  • Unmasking the Truth: Public Health Experts, the Coronavirus, and the Raucous Marketplace of Ideas
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Smith, Victoria; Wanless, Alicia
  • Why Do People Believe COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories?
    John F. Kennedy School of Government
    Uscinski, Joseph E.; Klofstad, Casey A. (Casey Andrew), 1976-; Seelig, Michelle I., 1970- . . .