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Suicide Bombers

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Bibliographies, Data and Statistics

  • Terrorism: A Selected Bibliography [2009]
    "Terrorism: A Selected Bibliography provides citations for information about various types of terrorism, related strategies, and other issues. It was compiled for students and researchers to expand their knowledge of this extre… more
    Andrusyszyn, Greta H.

General Documents

Reports, Studies and Papers

  • Information Operations Approach to Counter Suicide Bomber Recruiting
    "Information Operations (IO) is one of today's least understood, yet most common scapegoat for perceived Global War on Terrorism failures in Iraq. Despite the on-going efforts of strategists and commanders to leverage the medi… more
    Rabena, William S.
  • Role of the Suicide Terrorist in Information Operations
    "Drs. Goldstein and Emmett have produced psychological perspectives on select countries for the Joint Information Operations Center. They now have turned their attention, along with Dr. Stambaugh, to the unique psychological a… more
    Goldstein, Frank L., 1945-; Emmett, Frank E.; Stambaugh, Russell J.
  • Terrorists and Suicide Attacks [August 28, 2003]
    "This report focuses on the following questions:What are suicide attacks? What have been the patterns and motivations for terrorist organizations using suicide attacks in the past? What terrorist groups and other organizatio… more
    Cronin, Audrey Kurth, 1958-


  • Agency and Structure as Determinants of Female Suicide Terrorism: A Comparative Study of Three Conflict Regions
    "This thesis addresses the question, why do some insurgent groups use female suicide bombers while others avoid this tactic? Afghanistan is an example of a conflict zone where the propensity for female suicide terrorism is lowe… more
    Dearing. Matthew P.
  • Developing an Operational and Tactical Methodology for Incorporating Existing Technologies to Produce the Highest Probability of Detecting an Individual Wearing an IED
    "Among the many weapons currently used by terrorist organizations against public welfare and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, human-born Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) present a significant threat. Commonly refer… more
    Binstock, John
  • Suicide Terrorism: How Psychological Operations Can Make a Difference
    "Military Psychological Operations (PSYOP) is based on a Cold War construct that has not been significantly overhauled since the end of that era. Today's most pressing challenge, the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) requires a d… more
    Schoennauer, Eric
  • Sunni and Shiite Martyrdom: A Comparative Analysis of Historical and Contemporary Expressions
    "While Shia organizations, such as Hezbollah, pioneered the use of suicide bombings as 'self-sacrifice operations' in the early 1980s, Shia groups have abandoned the practice since the 1990s, while Sunni organizations like Hama… more
    Kafeyan, Kelly F.
  • Uniform Approach to National Suicide Bomber Incident Response and Recovery
    "First responders in the United States are not adequately prepared to respond to a suicide bomber attack. Police, fire, and EMS are using protocols that do not anticipate the unique needs of a suicide bomber response. There is… more
    Day, Dwayne