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Agencies & Organizations

  • National Interagency Fire Center [website]
    "The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), located in Boise, Idaho, is the nation's support center for wildland firefighting. Eight different agencies and organizations are part of NIFC. Decisions are made using the interag… more
  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group [website]
    "The National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) is made up of the USDA Forest Service; four Department of the Interior agencies: Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), an… more
  • Wildland Fire Science and Technology Task Force, Final Report
    "Large, intense wildland fires have become more frequent across the United States in recent decades. Risks to responders and citizens, property losses, response and recovery costs, and threats to communities and landscapes h… more

Databases, Maps & Online Tools

  • Active Fire Mapping Program
    "The Active Fire Mapping Program is an operational, satellite-based fire detection and monitoring program managed by the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Active … more
  • Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination (GEOMAC) Wildland Fire Support [website]
    "The Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group or GeoMAC, is an internet-based mapping application originally designed for fire managers to access online maps of current fire locations and perimeters in the conterminous 48 St… more
  • OnTheMap for Emergency Management [map]
    U.S. Census Bureau data for disasters, natural hazards, and weather events. "OnTheMap for Emergency Management provides real-time access to a range of detailed U.S. Census Bureau data about the people living and working i… more
  • WFAS - Wildland Fire Assessment System [website]
    "WFAS, the Wildland Fire Assessment System, is an internet-based information system. The current implementation provides a national view of weather and fire potential, including national fire danger and weather maps and satelli… more

General Documents & Resources

  • Disaster Information Management Research Center: Fires and Wildfires
    This web page, provided by the National Institutes of Health Specialized Information Services, features information on fires and wildfires. Information and links are categorized in the following manner: Overview; Preparing for… more
  • Forest Fire/Wildfire Protection [May 22, 2013]
    "Congress continues to face questions about forestry practices, funding levels, and the federal role in wildfire protection. Recent fire seasons have been, by most standards, among the worst in the past half century. National … more
    Bracmort, Kelsi
  • Framework for Addressing the National Wildland Urban Interface Fire Problem - Determining Fire and Ember Exposure Zones Using a WUI Hazard Scale
    "Destruction of homes and businesses from Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fires has been steadily escalating as have the fire suppression costs associated with them. Since 2000, in the United States, over 3,000 homes per year a… more
    Maranghides, Alexander; Mell, William E.
  • Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology [2008]
    This 2008 version of the "Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology provides a comprehensive listing of terms and definitions used by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) community. This document contains terms commonly … more
  • Hearing to Review Past Wildfire Seasons and Improve Future Federal Wildland Fire Management Strategies, Held Before the Full Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, First Session, November 17, 2015
    This is a testimony compilation of the November 17, 2015 "Hearing to Review Past Wildfire Seasons and Improve Future Federal Wildland Fire Management Strategies," held before the Full Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Res… more
  • Wildfire Damages to Homes and Resources: Understanding Causes and Reducing Losses [May 23, 2013]
    "Wildfires are getting more severe, with more acres and houses burned and more people at risk. This results from excess biomass in the forests, due to past logging and grazing and a century of fire suppression, combined with a… more
    Bracmort, Kelsi
  • Wildfire Fuels and Fuel Reduction [May 13, 2013]
    "Recent fire seasons have been getting more severe, with more acres burned and more damage to property and resources. More acres burned in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2012 than in any other years since record-keeping beg… more
    Bracmort, Kelsi
  • Wildfire Protection in the Wildland-Urban Interface [January 30, 2014]
    "Congressional interest in funding to protect against wildfire threats has focused on communities in and near forests, an area known as the 'wildland-urban interface' (WUI). The WUI is expanding in size and population, leading… more
    Bracmort, Kelsi
  • Wildland Fire Management: Interagency Budget Tool Needs Further Development to Fully Meet Key Objectives, Report to the Chairman, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, U.S. Senate
    "Wildland fires have become increasingly damaging and costly. To deal with fire's threats, the five federal wildland fire agencies-the Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture and four agencies in the Department of the … more
  • Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Research Needs: Workshop Summary Report
    "The wildland-urban interface (WUI) encompasses housing and other structures that are either co-located or abut wildland vegetation and forest. WUI communities are especially susceptible to destruction from wildland fires. Sev… more
    Johnsson, Erik L.; Bryner, Nelson P.; Pellegrino, Joan L.

Plans & Strategies

  • Decision Making for Wildfires: A Guide for Applying a Risk Management Process at the Incident Level
    "This publication focuses on the thought processes and considerations surrounding a risk management process for decision making on wildfires. The publication introduces a six element risk management cycle designed to encourage… more
    Taber, Mary A.; Elenz, Lisa M.; Langowski, Paul G.
  • National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy
    "The past two decades have seen a rapid escalation of severe fire behavior, home and property losses, higher costs, increased threats to communities and worsening conditions on the land. These trends call for a broad-based, coll… more
  • National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Phase II National Report
    "The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (Cohesive Strategy) is a collaborative effort to identify, define, and address wildland fire management problems and opportunities for successful wildland fire managemen… more