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Social Media Use in Emergencies

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General Documents

  • Crowdsourced Decision Support for Emergency Responders
    "Real-time citizen interaction has the potential to transform society's response to crisis situations. New systems and processes must be developed to support citizen involvement and first responders must be trained in their us… more
    Laskey, Kathryn B.
  • Mastering the Art of Wiki: Understanding Social Networking and National Security
    "Computers, cell phones, other digital devices, and the systems that knit them together have altered how many on the planet do almost everything--especially how they share with each other. With over 1 billion people--some of th… more
    Carafano, James Jay, 1955-
  • Privacy Impact Assessment for the Office of Operations Coordination and Planning: Haiti Social Media Disaster Monitoring Initiative
    "The Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC), has launched a Haiti Social Media Disaster Monitoring Initiative (Initiative) to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and… more
  • Risk Communicator [Issue 1, August 20, 2008]
    This publication also discusses social media in relation to emergency management and communications. "The Risk Communicator (RC) is produced by CDC [Center for Disease Control]'s Emergency Risk Communication Branch (ERCB). This… more
  • S. Hrg. 112-390: Understanding the Power of Social Media as a Communications Tool in the Aftermath of Disasters, Hearing Before the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery and Intergovernmental Affairs of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, First Session, May 5, 2011
    From the opening statement of Mark L. Pryor: "Today the Subcommittee has been joined by very insightful guests to talk about the increasingly important role that social media networks play during disaster response and recovery e… more
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Ten Red Balloons: Social Network Problem Solving and Homeland Security
    "This essay, the winner of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) Essay Contest in 2010, looks at how homeland security could benefit from crowd-sourced applications accessed through social networking tools such as… more
    Ford, Christopher M.
  • U.S. Army Social Media Handbook
    "As part of that, we need to make sure we use all the tools at our disposal to keep our Soldiers and the general public informed. Social media is another set of tools that helps us spread the Army message faster than ever. Thes… more
  • Using Social Media for Enhanced Situational Awareness and Decision Support: Virtual Social Media Working Group and DHS First Responders Group
    "High-impact and high-visibility events have revealed the proliferation and widespread use of mobile devices. Combined with the rise in popularity of social media, the subsequent explosion in available information now spans mu… more


  • How to Leverage Social Media for University Emergency Communications: A Holistic Approach
    This slide presentation discusses the following sub-topics of social media: What is Social Media; Social Media Tools; Social Media Definitions; What is Twitter; Organizations Using Social Media; Elements of a Holistic Social Me… more
    Cohen, Sara
  • Key Leadership Strategies to Enhance Communication
    "In an age when our world is dominated by a constant media stream, it is hard to predict what information will be shared by the public or how it will be interpreted. While police have mechanisms in place regarding the release o… more
    Major Cities Chiefs Association

Studies and Reports

  • First Responders Communities of Practice, Virtual Social Media Working Group - Community Engagement Guidance and Best Practices [Final]
    "Social media and collaborative technologies have become critical components of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. From the international response efforts after major tsunamis to hurricane recovery in major U.S. c… more
  • Privacy Impact Assessment for the FEMA Operational Use of Publicly Available Social Media for Situational Awareness
    "The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Office of Response and Recovery (ORR) has launched an initiative using publicly available social media for situational awareness purposes in support of the FEMA Administrator'… more
  • Social Media in Emergency Management: Using Conferences as Safe Exercise Opportunities
    "During the weekend of Friday, March 1 through Sunday, March 3, 2013 California Volunteers, Anaheim CERT [Community Emergency Response Team] and a team of Virtual Operation Support Team (VOST) volunteers helped to conduct a so… more
  • Social Media in Emergency Response: A Study in Facebook and Twitter
    This presentation on "Social Media in Emergency Response" contains slides defining social media and its relevancy to emergency response. The presentation gives an overview of popular social media websites, elaborating with stat… more
    Youhas, Daniel K.


  • Becoming More Than a Digital Bullhorn: Two-Way Engagement on Twitter for Law Enforcement
    From the thesis abstract: "Police agencies are increasingly turning to social media to communicate with the public; some departments only push information out one way, while others engage in a two-way, back-and-forth conversat… more
    Perron, Zachary P.
  • Being Social: Integrating Social Media into Public Information Support to Emergency Response #smem
    From the thesis abstract: "Emergency response agencies across the homeland security spectrum rely on their public information offices to leverage social media in support of citizens and response organizations during times of d… more
    Spicer, Tamara L.
  • Leveraging Social Media to Engage the Public in Homeland Security
    "We live in disparate times. There seems to be an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters and acts of terrorism, creating an increased dependence on government services and emergency responders. By contrast, public safe… more
    Woodcock, Jody
  • Mobile Tracking and Location Awareness in Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance Situations
    From the thesis abstract: "Situational awareness is one of the most important aspects to a commander in any type of mission, be it humanitarian relief, disaster recovery, or armed conflict. Through the past several decades, wi… more
    Abell, Drew Q.
  • Optimizing Citizen Engagement during Emergencies through Use of Web 2.0 Technologies
    "Emergencies and disasters create hardships for citizens. To speed up recovery, local governments need to engage with citizens in an interactive information sharing system to convey information while the incident is still devel… more
    Van Leuven, Laurie J.
  • Social Media Integration into State-Operated Fusion Centers and Local Law Enforcement: Potential Uses and Challenges
    From the thesis abstract: "The push by the Obama administration for a more transparent, citizen-centric government has created a new way of thinking among federal, state, and local governments: citizen participation has become … more
    Fresenko, Victoria L.
  • Social Network Collaboration for Crisis Response Operations: Developing a Situational Awareness (SA) Tool to Improve Haiti's Interagency Relief Efforts
    "The earthquake in Haiti represents an event of catastrophic scale. Relief efforts were thwarted by blocked roads and ruined runways. Relief organizations assisted in the effort using adhoc approaches but could have benefitted… more
    Reid, Elaine D.
  • Twituational Awareness: Gaining Situational Awareness Via Crowdsourced #Disaster Epidemiology
    From the thesis abstract: "Public health and other agencies need situational awareness to respond effectively to disasters or other incidents. Traditional means of obtaining this information require significant time and person… more
    Cain, Daniel T.
  • Vulnerability of Social Networking Media and the Insider Threat: New Eyes for Bad Guys
    From the thesis abstract: "Social networking media introduces a new set of vulnerabilities to protecting an organization's sensitive information. Competitors and foreign adversaries are actively targeting U.S. industry to acqu… more
    Lenkart, John J.

Websites and Blogs

  • Social Media at CDC
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Social Media site contains information on various current social media campaigns, such as "H1N1 (Swine) Flu," "Seasonal Flu," and "Peanut Product Recalls." The site links to… more