Defending America's Cyberspace: National Plan for Information: Systems Protection, Version 1.0: An Invitation to a Dialogue   [open pdf - 965KB]

The Federal Government and private sector cooperated during the millennial rollover event to provide a smooth transition into the Year 2000. The extensive preparations undertaken to avoid glitches and service disruptions to information systems paid off, and critical systems continued to operate without any major interruptions. That said, we must remember that we are in a very dynamic environment. The nature of cyberattacks and the needed preparations to protect information systems from future attacks are in constant flux. As new protective measures are developed and put into place, those who threaten us become more innovative. The Federal Government is currently assessing the Year 2000 experience to determine what aspects may have relevance for the future and for the continued protection against cyberattacks. This document is the first attempt by any nation to develop a plan to defend its cyberspace. The President in Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD-63) directed its development. Designating it as "Version 1.0" acknowledges that the Plan is in the early stages of development and remains a work in progress.

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