Medical Surge Capacity and Capability: The Healthcare Coalition in Emergency Response and Recovery   [open pdf - 5MB]

"This handbook was developed to serve as a companion to 'Medical Surge Capacity and Capability [MSCC]: A Management System for Integrating Medical and Health Resources during Large-Scale Emergencies,' also known as the MSCC Handbook. Originally published in 2004 and revised in 2007, the MSCC Handbook proposed a management structure and processes for the medical and public health response to emergencies and disasters. Within this management construct, the 'Tier 2 Healthcare Coalition' was defined as a group of individual healthcare organizations in a specified geographic area that agree to work together to maximize surge capacity and capability during medical and public health emergencies by facilitating information sharing, mutual aid, and response coordination. The purpose of this handbook is to provide guidance to healthcare planners on how to develop, implement, and maintain cost-effective and response-oriented Healthcare Coalitions. It describes the common elements of an effective Healthcare Coalition that may be applied in any locale to operationally support individual healthcare organizations and the larger community response to emergencies or disasters. The Coalition is highlighted as an emergency response organization in order to distinguish this handbook from other efforts that are underway across the U.S. that primarily coordinate emergency preparedness."

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