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"In early 1999, the United States Congress ordered the Department of Justice to conduct an exercise 'with the participation of all key personnel who would participate in the consequence management of [an actual chemical, biological, or cyber] terrorist event.' The exercise, to be call TOPOFF (for 'Top Officials') is intended to realistically test the Federal, State and local response and management systems. To achieve that end, the Attorney General directed the Office of Justice Programs, Office for State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support (OSLDPS) to convene a meeting of emergency response planners and practitioners from across the nation to develop objectives for use in designing such an exercise. The participants in the meeting, held May 20-21, 1999 in Chantilly, Virginia, were invited from jurisdictions large and small representing a broad range of responder disciplines. This links to the index page for the TOPOFF Planning FORUM. The index page links to the entire document,(668 Kb zip). The individual sections are: Table of Contents; Executive Summary/Approach/Findings; Exercise Planning Conference Agenda; Introduction; Functional Groups; Functional Groups Proposed Objectives; Multidisciplinary Groups; Functional Group Matrix (Power Point); and Consensus Objectives/Guidance."

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