Statement from Assistant Attorney General Ralph F. Boyd Jr.: Regarding the Treatment of Arab, Muslim Americans or Americans of South Asian Descent [September 13, 2001]   [open pdf - 20KB]

"Assistant Attorney General Ralph F. Boyd Jr. of the Civil Rights Division released the following statement: 'The Attorney General has made clear that any act of violence or discrimination against a person based on the perceived race, religion or national origin of that person is contrary to our fundamental principles and the laws of the United States. His statement is a reminder to all Americans that Americans of Arab or South Asian decent and people of the Muslim faith were also injured and killed in Tuesday's attacks. In addition, they also are -- along with other Americans -- involved in relief operations, and other efforts to alleviate suffering. Any threats of violence or discrimination against Arab or Muslim Americans or Americans of South Asian descents are not just wrong and un-American, but also are unlawful and will be treated as such. 'As the Attorney General reminded us today, we must not descend to the level of those who perpetrated Tuesday's violence by targeting individuals for threats or violence based on their race, religion, and national origin. To do so would be to grant terrorists a victory they cannot - and would not - otherwise achieve. We are a great nation; we must treat one another, and others in a manner consistent with that greatness. Everything we do must reaffirm and respect the dignity, heroism and sacrifice of those who have died, lest their sacrifice be in vain.' "

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