Expanding the Incident Command System in the Lubbock Fire Department   [open pdf - 407KB]

"The Lubbock Fire Department (LFD) has operated under a modified Incident Command System (ICS) for the last 10 years. The problem was the system had never been expanded beyond the basic functions of Incident Command and Operations. The purpose of this applied research project was to evaluate the current ICS and develop a strategy for expanding the current system. The current system was compared with Incident Command Systems of fire departments that had successfully expanded their system at catastrophic events. Evaluation methodology was used to answer the following questions: 1. What are some of the problems with the current Lubbock Fire Department Incident Command System? 2. What are the current types of Incident Command Systems utilized by fire departments that have successfully dealt with catastrophic incidents? 3. What are the critical components needed to expand an ICS when major disasters strike? 4. How can the Lubbock Fire Department effectively expand its ICS at high-risk, low frequency disasters? The literature review examined books, journals and technical reports relating to Incident Management Systems. The incident command systems of five fire departments, which had experienced catastrophic emergencies, were compared with the Lubbock Fire Department's ICS. Procedures included listing the strengths and weaknesses of all six departments and developing a strategy to overcome the weaknesses in the current systems. The results of the literature review identified seven critical components of an effective incident command system. Strategies were developed to address the weak components of the LFD ICS."

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