Generation IV Gas-cooled Reactor System Concepts   [open pdf - 1MB]

The purpose of this presentation is to identify and evaluate advanced gas cooled reactor system concepts for advancing the Generation IV goals. A DOE RFI and team solicitations resulted in 21 reactor system concepts submitted from France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and the U.S. The 21 concepts were consolidated into four concept sets. The four concept sets have been qualitatively screened to assess their potential to achieve the generation IV goals. The screening used criteria developed by the Evaluation Methodology Group in support of each goal, and measured against existing advanced light water reactor designs. The advanced gas-cooled thermal reactor system concepts show promise for: modest improvements in sustainability, significant improvement toward safety goals, and comparable economics with the potential for major improvement in applications other than electricity. Fast reactor concepts show: significant improvement toward sustainability goals, and that much development is needed to define promising concepts. All concept sets allow high temperature process heat applications, in addition to electrical generation. The VHTR concepts allow more applications and higher efficiencies. The next step is to quantitatively assess the concept sets and define R&D scope.

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