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"The problem was that Pike Township Fire Department had no procedures for the recall of off-duty personnel. The purpose of this research paper was to develop a Standard Operating Guideline for the recall of off-duty personnel. The research questions were: 1. Under what circumstances might the recall of off-duty personnel be necessary? 2. How should the implementation of an off-duty personnel recall be accomplished? 3. What components would be included in a Standard Operating Guideline for the recall of off-duty personnel? Research verified that Pike Township could suffer the effects of tornados, earthquakes, floods, civil disturbances, terrorism, and large-scale long-term incidents. Depending on the incident, the need for resources increase with incident severity. At some point, available on-duty resources may become exhausted, thus requiring replenishment by the recall of off-duty personnel. Review of references identified that varying levels of recall be established. The most common levels addressed were limited recall, single-shift recall, and total personnel recall. Once the recall level was determined, through the use of an up-to-date recall list notification of personnel could proceed. Methods of notification included telephone, personal pagers, and the use of both radio and television media. A comparison chart of Standard Operating Procedures was used to assist in determining what components should be included in a Standard Operating Guideline specific to Pike Township Fire Department."

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