Developing a Physical Fitness Program for the City of Portage Fire Department   [open pdf - 189KB]

"The problem was the Portage Fire Department did not have an established wellness/fitness program in place for its employees. The purpose of this study was to identify the benefits of a fire department wellness/fitness program. This was a combination of a descriptive and evaluative research project. The research questions were: 1. Would a formal fitness/wellness program benefit the firefighters and citizens of Portage by assuring the most physically capable personnel respond to emergencies within the city? 2. Due to the aging workforce of the City of Portage Fire Department, would a formal physical fitness/wellness program help to keep an adequate number of firefighters ready to meet the physical demands of their jobs? 3. Could a formalized physical fitness/wellness program in the City of Portage Fire Department help reduce the number of job related injuries and therefore reduce the number of lost workdays due to injury and subsequently reduce the workmen's compensation costs to the city? 4. If a formalized physical fitness/wellness program were instituted in the City of Portage Fire Department, would this help meet state and federal occupational health and safety standards as well as NFPA guidelines? The author utilized literature review of past Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Applied Research Papers (ARP), as well as fire service and fitness periodicals, texts, journals, and Internet resources for information pertinent to the four research questions. Additionally, interviews were conducted to obtain local baseline data on the problem."

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