Trafficking in Persons Report, June 2011   [open pdf - 68MB]

"If the 2010 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report marked anniversaries and reflected on progress made, the 2011 TIP Report introduces a new era of truly comprehensive approaches to combating human trafficking. In the past decade, the community of nations has moved away from reflexive denial that this crime still exists and has adopted instead a wide range of policies and partnerships. This shift has been driven in no small part by the impact of the annual TIP Reports, the rapid acceptance of the United Nations' Palermo Protocol, and the insistence of civil society that this crime not be ignored. Governments now acknowledge the modern methods used to compel service and the impact on its victims. There is broad consensus on the appropriate response; 142 countries have ratified the Palermo Protocol, and 128 countries have enacted laws prohibiting all forms of human trafficking. Each year sees advances in prosecutions, victim identification, and protection and prevention measures. And unlike a decade ago, the language of abolition has reached the upper echelons of government. The fact that a form of slavery still exists in the modern era and that it must be confronted is now spoken of by heads of state and CEOs, at shareholder meetings, in church groups, and around the blogosphere."

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