Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Inter-Agency Working Group Report to the Vice President of the United States and to Congress   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This Administration is focused on rebuilding the American economy, creating jobs, and increasing exports. To do so, we must be vigilant in enforcing our intellectual property rights. It is also of paramount importance to protect the public health. The U.S. has stringent statutory, regulatory and enforcement regimes to protect consumers against dangerous counterfeit, unapproved or illegally prescribed pharmaceuticals. However, increasing access to the Internet coupled with new methods of manufacturing and distributing illegal pharmaceuticals have created new challenges to safeguarding the legitimate pharmaceutical supply chain. Thousands of websites openly sell unapproved and/or counterfeit drugs, as well as prescription drugs without requiring a valid prescription, all in violation of federal and state law. Many of those sites are hosted by U.S. registrars, accept payment by U.S. payment processors, and shop their products via U.S.-based express courier companies or the U.S. Postal Service. In addition, other countries, particularly those in Africa, face extremely high percentages of counterfeits in their domestic supply chain and the United States is committed to helping them to address this scourge."

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