Risks, Recruits, and Plots: Understanding and Mitigating the Influence of the Islamic State in Malaysia   [open pdf - 8MB]

From the Executive Summary: "As the third part in a series of reports that map the Islamic State's presence in Southeast Asia, this study traces the evolution of the Islamic State's influence in Malaysia between January 2014 and December 2019. While the first report sought to provide a broad regional perspective and the second focused on the Philippines, this report examines the factors that contributed to the rise of the Islamic State specifically within the local context of Malaysia, analyzing historical and current environmental factors that created the Islamic State's brand of militancy and the ways it manifested itself in the country. This contextual background is important in grounding a more holistic understanding of the group's position within Malaysia's complex sociopolitical landscape in addition to an examination of plots, individuals, and their networked relations, which, of course, do not develop in a vacuum. As such, in examining the Islamic State's influence in Malaysia, this report explores the following key questions: [1] 'How has the history of Islamist revivalism and associated political developments in Malaysia created space for the Islamic State's influence in Malaysia today? [2] 'What do trends in Islamic State-linked attack plots and individual arrests in Malaysia between 2014 and 2019 reveal about the channels through which the Islamic State poses a threat to the country?' [3] 'And finally, what are the prospects for building robust counterterrorism infrastructure and societal resilience to tackle and prevent violent extremism in Malaysia?'"

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