Robust Emergency Department Framework for Handling SARS, COVID 19, Monkey Pox or Any Other Threats: Making Resilience a Priority   [open pdf - 389KB]

From the Abstract: "The world has seen several large scale pandemics and infectious diseases (ID) outbreaks in more recent years. This, together with the other mass casualty, disasters and critical incidents point to the need for a robust and fundamentally strong, evidence-based model of care and response in Emergency Departments and healthcare institutions. The Covid 19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic has shown us many gaps that need to be filled, the need to share best practices, the need for resilience engineering and adequate management of human factors. This paper shares the author's perspective on all the above and how a basic principled model can be used as a basis, upon which all other fine-tuning, customization and modifications can be done for every new disaster, crisis or pandemic that is encountered. The fundamentals have to be strong and understood by all staff. Resiliency is not just focused on the Emergency Department but must be inculcated downstream across all departments in any institution. Elements categorized under Space, Staff, Supplies, Sequence, Sustainability and Security/ safety must all be looked into and integrated in the wholesome planning of response. Blind spots and latent threats should also be sought by regular practice through exercises and simulation. Only this way, can preparedness be stepped up, be made state-of-the-art and both staff and the institution will be ready for the onslaught of any incidents and upsurge."

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