Enabling a More Externally Focused and Operational PLA   [open pdf - 9MB]

From the Foreword: "As China seeks to exert its power and influence around the world, its military, the People's Liberation Army, will be an increasingly important instrument of these efforts. Twenty years ago, the People's Liberation Army rarely ventured beyond China's borders. Today, this observation no longer holds true. The People's Liberation Army now engages in numerous joint exercises and training events with foreign militaries each year, participates in a wide range of bilateral and multilateral security dialogues and forums, deploys forces to several UN peacekeeping operations, and frequently conducts humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. Moreover, the People's Liberation Army is developing the capabilities to conduct combat missions outside its immediate periphery, although the organization has not been involved in combat since the 1980s. Therefore, aside from the possibility of conflict between the United States and China in the western Pacific area, the US military will increasingly have to take account of the presence and activities of the People's Liberation Army throughout the world. The conference papers in this book examine the People's Liberation Army's current and possible future activities beyond the confines of East Asia; analyze China's military relations with the continents of Europe, Africa, and Latin America; assess the People's Liberation Army's activities in the Indian Ocean, Oceania, and the polar regions; and contain focused studies of the roles of two key organizations: the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force and the Joint Logistic Support Force. Collectively, the book provides a comprehensive picture of a military organization that is extending its reach to all corners of the globe."

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Enabling a More Externally Focused and Operational PLA. Virtual Conference. October 26, 28, and 29, 2020
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