COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction Readiness Assessment Tool   [open excel - 0B]

From the Document: "[1] This Readiness Assessment tool is a national level tool. Data inputs should be entered into the worksheet 'National Readiness'. Suggestions for timing and intervals to implement activities and assess progress are provided in the timeline; [2] Pre-planning activities (critical activities to be initiated immediately) are highlighted in the worksheet; [3] Optimal time frames for the completion of activities are shaded yellow: under each timeline or assessment period, the country only needs to provide information on the activity cells that are shared yellow. Information on the dark-shaded cells do not have to be provided under the given time frame; [4] Pre-planning activities should be initiated as early as Sept 2020 (earliest time interval provided) as COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] vaccines may be available for introduction by early 2021. The tool will be updated as soon as more certainty about global vaccine supply availability becomes available; [5] The Activity and Areas Dashboards worksheets provide a graphic illustration of progress achieved under each time interval. These graphics are automatically produced from the data provided on the 'National Readiness' worksheet. No data entry is required on the Activity or Areas Dashboard. Graphs can be copied and pasted for the use of country teams if needed; [6] The reference page contains a list of planning and technical documents that can be used for guidance in completing some of the activities; [and 7] Additional information on the purpose of this tool and how to use it, is available on the Cover Note provided in the accompanying document[.]"

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