U.S. Department of Defense Responsible Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Implementation Pathway   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the Executive Summary: "Advancements in AI [artificial intelligence] have demonstrated the ability to transform every sector of modem society. These impacts extend to business. finance, production, and social behaviors. As the DoD embraces Al, it remains focused on the imperative of harnessing this technology in a manner consistent with our national values, shared democratic ideals, and our military's steadfast commitment to lawful and ethical behavior. In May 2021, the Deputy Secretary of Defense issued a memorandum ('RAI [Responsible Artificial Intelligence] Memo') that established and directed the Department's holistic, integrated and disciplined approach to RAI. This RAI Memo introduced the following foundational tenets that serve as priority areas to guide the implementation of RAI across the Department: RAI Governance, Warfighter Trust, AI Product and Acquisition Lifecycle, Requirements Validation, Responsible Al Ecosystem, and Al Workforce. This resulting DoD RAI S&l [Strategy and Implementation] Pathway is organized around the six tenets and identifies lines of effort[.] [...] By leading in military ethics and Al safety. the DoD will earn the trust of our Service members, civilian personnel, and citizens. Our leadership here also encourages RAI development and use globally and strengthens our ability to solve modern defense challenges with allies and partners around the world."

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