Colombia: Presidential Elections in 2022 [Updated June 24, 2022]   [open pdf - 717KB]

From the Document: "On June 19, 2022, Colombian voters elected as president former senator Gustavo Petro in a close but decisive victory over Rodolfo Hernández [hyperlink], a construction magnate and one-term mayor. The runoff garnered the highest turnout for a second round presidential vote since 1994, with Petro winning 50.5% [hyperlink] of the vote followed by Hernández at 47.3% [hyperlink]. President-elect Petro is set to become Colombia's first leftist president and leads a coalition of left parties known as the Historic Pact. The president-elect is a longtime leader of the political opposition and was once a member of the M-19 [hyperlink], a leftist guerilla group that demobilized in the late 1980s. Petro [hyperlink] (62), successful in his third run for the presidency, is scheduled to be inaugurated August 7. Hernández [hyperlink] (77), as the runner-up, qualifies for a seat in the Colombian Senate, although reportedly, he may decline [hyperlink] it. Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America and a close U.S. ally. Many Members of Congress maintain a keen interest in Colombia, particularly on issues regarding narcotics trafficking, responses to Venezuela, trade, human rights, climate change, and the peace process [hyperlink] with former insurgent forces. Petro's victory may potentially shift Colombia's position on several of these issues."

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