EMR-ISAC: InfoGram, Volume 22 Issue 23, June 9, 2022   [open html - 0B]

Alternate Title: Emergency Management & Response - Information Sharing & Analysis Center: InfoGram, Volume 22 Issue 23, June 9, 2022

The Emergency Management and Response Information Sharing and Analysis Center's (EMR-ISAC) InfoGram is a weekly publication of information concerning the protection of critical infrastructures relevant to members of the Emergency Services Sector. This issue includes the following articles: "Silicone wristbands track firefighters' exposure to harmful chemicals"; "Revised Field Triage Guideline for EMS [emergency medical services] providers now available"; "CISA's [Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's] SAFECOM releases guide to Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program offerings"; "NVFC [National Volunteer Fire Council] releases online training for response to pipeline emergencies"; "People's Republic of China state-sponsored cyber actors exploit network providers and devices"; "CISA provides criteria and process for updates to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog"; "CISA challenges partners and public to push for 'more than a password' in new social media campaign"; "The return of Emotet and the threat to the Health Sector"; "Windows zero-day exploited in US local govt phishing attacks"; and "CISA warned about critical vulnerabilities in Illumina's DNA sequencing devices."

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