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From the Document: "The Bureau of Land Management Fire and Aviation program (BLM Fire) is the largest and most complex fire program within the Department of the Interior (DOI). The BLM represents 61% of DOI's fire-related workforce and is directly responsible for fire management on more than 245 million acres. This land is commonly intermixed with other federal, state, and local jurisdictions, making partnerships and collaborative efforts crucial to the mission of safety and fire management. Overall, BLM Fire implements fire protection on approximately 650 million acres of public land with other fire management agencies. BLM's Fire and Aviation Directorate (FAD), located at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), is led by a Senior Executive Service (SES)-level assistant director, along with one deputy assistant director and two senior fire advisors - one located in Washington, D.C. and the other at BLM West offices in Grand Junction, Colorado. BLM Fire leadership reports up through the BLM deputy director and director to the DOI. BLM Fire manages program budget at a national scale, sets policy and program standards, and works closely with DOI Office of Wildland Fire (OWF), DOI sister agencies, the USDA Forest Service (USFS), state and other organizations.[...] This communication strategy provides consistent messaging to help BLM employees communicate about the BLM Fire program both internally and externally. The [included] information will be updated annually to be used as a communication source for program highlights, key messages, talking points, and FAQ [frequently asked questions] responses."

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