'Unrestricted Warfare' is Not China's Master Plan   [open pdf - 261KB]

From the Introduction: "The book 'Unrestricted Warfare' (UW), published in 1999 by People's Liberation Army officers Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui has been thoroughly discussed and lauded by many in the West as an important document for understanding the Chinese strategic perspective. An article published in 'War on the Rocks' went as far as to say the authors, 'were about a decade and a half before their time.' In many universities and other higher learning institutions excerpts from the book are assigned and studied. NewsMax Media, Medina University Press International and Natraj Publishers even added 'China's Master Plan to Destroy America' as a subtitle. Shadow Lawn Press' 2017 publication of UW depicted a woman representing the U.S. sleeping with the words, 'Wake Up, America! China's Master Plan to Destroy America'. Overall, since UW's publication in English, the book has been used and cited many times as an important work in understanding China's military strategy. The narrative that UW represents an authoritative source that provides valuable insight the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) follows is extremely problematic. The book is unoriginal, not authoritative, both the authors themselves and examples from history contradict their thesis and much of the writing is designed to sound profound, but falls flat under closer examination. Moreover, the authors do not provide an applicable plan for a military to follow. While the book has certainly been popular and widely cited, this does not validate it. Understanding the PLA's strategic thinking is complicated and continues to evolve. A book written in the 90s does not hold the answers to China's 'Master Plan'."

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