Immediate Challenges to Our Nation's Food Supply Chain, Hearing Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventeenth Congress, First Session, November 3, 2021   [open pdf - 8MB]

This is the November 3, 2021 hearing on "Immediate Challenges to Our Nation's Food Supply Chain," held before the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture. From the opening statement of David Scott: "Today's hearing is a [sic] very important, with widespread look at our supply chain issues. We want to look at the logistics involved with ensuring that our grocery store shelves, our convenience store shelves, all of the retail elements where our people get their food products, are well stocked, and we want to make sure that we in Congress are doing what we need to do to make sure that that stays constant. To start, our [...] food [...] supply is safe so far, but we do have some challenges that are widespread and unprecedented, and they are not just limited to food and agriculture. They are global. We are a global force. We have the world's greatest agriculture system, and it spans the world. So, whatever happens in whichever part of the world that is not good, it impacts us. It impacts our farmers. It impacts our grocery stores, all of that. And we want to make sure that we in Congress, and this Committee, get to the bottom of what some of the serious immediate challenges are." Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Jon T. Schwalls, Ed Cinco, Greg Ferrara, Mike Durkin, Jon Samson, and Rod Wells.

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