United States Coast Guard Ready Workforce 2030   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability of our workforce is at the heart of what has made the Coast Guard successful for well over 200 years, and it remains our greatest strength. However, the environment the Coast Guard must navigate to build its force has changed dramatically since 2000 and increasingly since the start of 2020. This rate of change will only continue to accelerate. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway, with deep implications for Service missions, capabilities, and challenges. Continuing demographic and social trends are fundamentally altering the American population from which the Service recruits and serves. The Service is trying to retain its top talent in an increasingly competitive job market shaped by exceptional growth in emerging technology and science. Specialists and generalists alike will increasingly be in high demand, and top performers will want to jump in quickly wherever they are needed. 'Ready Workforce 2030 focuses on creating a system with the ability to generate the force we need, when and where we need it,' moving away from our current predictive workforce modeling."

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