Community Connected Health Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report   [open pdf - 361KB]

From the Document: "The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] pandemic illuminated continuing, substantial limitations in the U.S. healthcare systems, including profound disparities in access to health care and associated poorer health outcomes within certain communities. Yet the pandemic has also provided an opportunity for innovation in health care delivery across the U.S. and internationally, particularly in community-based settings. As part of the Biden-Harris Administration's effort to address long-standing barriers to achieving health equity and OSTP's [Office of Science and Technology Policy] mission to maximize the benefits of science and technology to advance health and its charge to drive innovation in health care and improve health for all Americans, OSTP launched the 'Community Connected Health' initiative in January 2022 with a series of stakeholder engagements. The goal of the Community Connected Health initiative is to combine community-based approaches to health care, with the power of digital health technologies, to lower the barriers to health care access and provide healthier lives for all Americans, especially those currently underserved."

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