Long COVID: A Growing Problem in Need of Intervention   [open pdf - 268KB]

From the Future Perspectives: "Two years into the pandemic, the case definition and epidemiology of long COVID [coronavirus disease] are still not well established, and the pathogenesis and potential interventions are largely unknown. There is urgent need for research into the biology of long COVID to understand how to best prevent and manage this public health problem. For society, it is essential to know whether interventions before or during acute illness will affect the duration and long-term prognosis of COVID. This will impact vaccination strategies, particularly in younger age groups where severe disease is rare, but long-lasting cognitive difficulties are a particular concern. At present, the Omicron variant is overwhelming societies across the world. While apparently causing milder disease and less hospitalization, it is too early to say whether the risk of long COVID is also lower. If not, the prospects of millions of infected individuals suffering from long COVID could have a severe public health impact. As governments now debate whether the wave of the highly contagious, but less virulent, Omicron variant warrants continued lockdowns and strong infection control measures, it is vital to gain more information on persisting symptoms after infection with Omicron and other variants."

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