Biden-Harris Permitting Action Plan to Rebuild America's Infrastructure, Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition, Revitalize Communities, and Create Jobs   [open pdf - 183KB]

From the Document: "With the passage of President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the United States is making generational investments in our infrastructure and competitiveness that will create well-paying union jobs, grow our economy, invest in communities, combat climate change, and conserve and restore the natural places we value. To ensure the timely and sound delivery of much-needed upgrades to America's infrastructure, the Biden-Harris Administration is today releasing an Action Plan to strengthen and accelerate Federal permitting and environmental reviews, fully leveraging the permitting provisions in the BIL. The Biden-Harris Permitting Action Plan establishes that Federal environmental review and permitting processes will be: [1] 'Effective, efficient, and transparent' to accelerate delivery of well-designed infrastructure projects, to ensure predictability and timeliness for project sponsors and stakeholders; [2] 'Guided by the best science', information, and complete environmental effects analysis to promote the best outcomes; and [3] 'Shaped by early and meaningful public input' - particularly from disadvantaged communities - and through 'partnership with State, territorial, and local governments' and in consultation with 'Tribal Nations' to deliver results for all Americans."

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