Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Sixth Assessment Report [April 29, 2022]   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Document: "In 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released 'Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis--Contribution of Working Group I', as part of its Sixth Assessment (AR6 WGI). The role of the IPCC as endorsed by the United Nations in plenary session in 1988 is 'to provide internationally coordinated scientific assessments of the magnitude, timing and potential environmental and socio-economic impact of climate change and realistic response strategies.' This CRS report serves as a primer for the AR6 WGI assessment. It is not comprehensive, instead presenting key findings pertinent to congressional consideration of risks related to natural and human-induced climate change and possible legislative responses. The AR6 WGI presents current evidence of changes in the climate, including, but not limited to, the following: Global average surface temperature in 2011-2020 increased by approximately 1.0 [degrees] C [Celsius] above the preindustrial period of 1850-1900; heatwaves have occurred more often and with greater intensity since the 1950s, while cold extremes have occurred less often in the same time period; scientists have high confidence that there has been a global increase in co-occurring droughts and heatwaves since 1950; terrestrial global average precipitation has increased, as has the frequency of heavy precipitation events; Arctic sea ice has decreased, while Antarctic sea ice has remained largely unchanged."

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CRS Report for Congress, R47082
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