Controlled Access Programs of the Intelligence Community [April 20, 2022]   [open pdf - 561KB]

From the Introduction: "The Controlled Access Programs (CAPs) that the Intelligence Community (IC) has developed to further limit the sharing of the most sensitive classified information have raised questions for Congress. In response, as part of the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) for Fiscal Year 2022, (Division X of P.L. 117-103, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2022) Congress added new oversight requirements with respect to these programs. CAPs compartmentalize intelligence on the basis of the sensitivity of the activity, sources, or methods involved. Congressional concern has centered on the over-classification of intelligence and potential negative impacts of keeping materials from those who need to know in order to perform their duties. Recent legislation seeks to promote an appropriate balance between protecting the most sensitive sources, methods, and activities, while making sure information is shared with those who have a legitimate need for it. Effective oversight of CAPS may require an understanding of how these programs are authorized and administered, and how they intersect with other classification programs and schema."

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