EO 13985 USAID Agency Equity Action Plan   [open pdf - 303KB]

From the Executive Summary: "USAID's [United States Agency for International Development's] equity assessment submitted in August 2021 outlined findings and 61 preliminary recommendations that USAID could use, if approved, to advance a values-based approach, update rules and regulations, expand our partner base, and become more consultative to achieve the President's goals regarding racial and ethnic equity in a foreign assistance context. The USAID Agency Equity Team (AET) prioritized the following recommendations for inclusion in the Action Plan: 1) continued development of the WorkwithUSAID platform, 2) enhanced implementation of USAID's nondiscrimination for beneficiaries policy, development and implementation of an Independent Accountability Mechanism, and advancement of Title VI protections at USAID, 3) lowered internal and external barriers for USAID awards, to include reduction of acquisition and assistance administrative burdens that negatively affect partner capacity, 4) designation of an Inclusive Development (ID) Advisor at each Mission and procurement of inclusive development support mechanisms managed through the Agency's ID Hub, and 5) implementation of a consistent approach to incorporate racial and ethnic equity and diversity into policy, planning, and learning. Together, these actions help reframe the ways in which USAID partners democratize the development process by integrating equity into Agency policies, strategies, and practices; enhance the ability of potential non-traditional partners to pursue USAID opportunities; prevent discrimination in Agency programs; and strengthen the Agency's capacity to advance inclusive development in our overseas programming."

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