Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea: Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council [Volume 78, Number 2]   [open pdf - 21MB]

This is the Fall 2021 edition of 'Proceedings' published by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). This issue contains the following articles and more: "The Marine Transportation System and Environmental Protection" by Helen Brohl and M. Chase Long; "The Columbia Snake River System: Keeping the Pacific Northwest green--in more ways than one" by Scott Clemans; "The Greater Charleston Port Complex: Expanding global accessibility through capital improvements and strategic collaboration" by Corydon Heard and Chad Ray; "Modernizing the Global Supply Chain: Lessons learned from a pandemic" by Lori Ann LaRocco and Nick Vyas; "NOAA's [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's] Strategic Plan to Power the American Blue Economy" by Tim Gallaudet and Alexandra Skrivanek; "Lifting the Ban on Crude Oil Exports: Implications for spill preparedness and the environment" by Valerie Cleland and Mary Baker; "Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing: Supporting the Coast Guard's efforts to combat this global security threat" by Scott Craig, Blair Sweigart, and Loretta Haring; "Urban Freight Innovation: Leading-edge strategies for smart cities" by Bill Keough, Anne Goodchild, and Giacomo Dalla Chiara; "Using AI [artificial intelligence] Technologies for Dynamic Risk Management" by Bahadir Inozu and Curtis Doucette; "The Case for Offshore Wind: Offshore wind and the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook" by Edward G. LeBlanc; "Offshore Wind Farms in the Mid-Atlantic: by Peter Francisco, Brittany Akers, and Matthew K. Creelman; "Green, Greener, Greenest: What is the future of marine transportation?" by Lee Kindberg; "The Benefits of Being Proactively, Voluntarily Green" by Manon Lanthier and Eleanor Kirtley; and "The New Central Ocean: The United States can no longer give the Arctic Ocean and Northern Sea routes the cold shoulder" by Alexander Mastel.

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Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council (Fall 2021), v.78 no.2
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