Impact of Jurisdictional Size and Population on E.O.C.'s: Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management   [open pdf - 290KB]

From the Abstract: "The City of Sumner has a problem of which they are not aware. Specifically, it has not addressed the need to manage significant and/or disaster events that are beyond the normal day-to-day functioning of its emergency response system. Although there is no identified local facility that serves as an emergency operations center, nor an identified means to provide adequate staffing, the City of Sumner believes it has addressed the issue through a contract for emergency management services with the county emergency management department. The purpose of the research was to determine whether jurisdictional size and/or population impact the existence and location of emergency operations centers. Using descriptive and action research methods, the following questions were answered: 1. Does the geographical size and/or population served by a jurisdiction influence the existence, location, and staffing of emergency operations centers? 2. How are other jurisdictions staffing emergency operations centers? 3. To what extent are key officials supportive and serving as participants within the emergency operations center?"

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