Equity Action Plan Summary: U.S. Department of Agriculture   [open pdf - 161KB]

From the Document: "Since its inception, USDA has struggled to deliver its programs and services equitably. All too often, programs have been designed to benefit those with land, experience, money, and education while leaving behind those without means, resources, or privileges of one kind or another. [...] Because of the flawed design of programs as well as individual acts of discrimination, over the course of decades, many underserved producers have lost equipment, land, farm operations, and opportunities to train future generations of diverse producers. In some cases, they lost their family home and valued links to their culture, history, community, and identity. These losses have been devastating, and USDA must both take accountability for its role in the precipitous decline in the number of Black farmers in the United States and also for erecting barriers that have kept other underserved communities, including Native Americans, beginning farmers and ranchers, Veteran farmers and ranchers, refugees, farm workers, and other underrepresented groups from full and fair access to USDA programs and services, including but not limited to USDA farm programs. [...] USDA also plays a vital role in advancing nutrition security for underserved communities and supporting the 30 million adults and 12 million children who do not always have access to nutritious food. Over the course of the Biden-Harris Administration and beyond, USDA strives to institutionalize this emphasis on equity so that, with time, USDA becomes known as a trusted partner that does right by underserved communities and lives up to its name as The People's Department."

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