Annual Report to the President and the Congress [February 1992]   [open pdf - 125KB]

Alternate Title: Department of Defense Report to Congress: Annual Freedom of Navigation Report, Fiscal Year 1991

From the Document: "The President's United States Oceans Policy Statement of March 10, 1983, states 'The United States will exercise and assert its navigation and overflight rights and freedoms in a worldwide basis in a manner that is consistent with the balance of interests reflected in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention. The United States will not, however, acquiesce in unilateral acts of other states designed to restrict the rights and freedoms of the international community in navigation and overflight and other related high seas uses.' When nations appear to acquiesce in excessive maritime claims and fail to exercise their rights actively in the face of constraints on international navigation and overflight, those claims and constraints may, over time, come to be considered to have been accepted by the international community as reflecting the practice of nations and as binding upon all users of the seas and superjacent airspace. Consequently, it is incumbent upon maritime nations, such as the United States, to protest through diplomatic channels all excessive claims of coastal or island nations, and to exercise their navigation and overflight rights in the face of such claims. The United States has accepted this responsibility as an element of its national policy, and the Department of Defense conducts an active program of Freedom of Navigation operational assertions. Freedom of Navigation assertions were conducted against the following countries for the listed excessive maritime claims during the year from October 1, 1990, to September 30, 1991. Countries are listed alphabetically."

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