Portable Heater Fires in Residential Buildings (2017-2019)   [open pdf - 466KB]

From the Document: "From 2017 to 2019, portable heater fires in residential buildings -- a subset of heating fires in residential buildings -- accounted for an estimated annual average of 1,100 fires in the U.S. These fires resulted in an estimated annual average of 65 deaths, 150 injuries and $51 million in property loss. The term 'portable heater fires' applies to those fires that are caused by catalytic heaters, oil-filled heaters or other heaters, such as electric heaters, that are designed to be carried or moved for use in a variety of locations. Portable heaters are a subset of space heaters -- small heaters designed to heat specific areas or rooms of a building. While portable heater fires in residential buildings were only 3% of all heating fires in residential buildings, their consequences were substantial, accounting for 41% of fatal heating fires in residential buildings. Many of these fires were preventable, as human error was a contributing factor to the fire -- for example, placing the heater too close to combustible items or leaving the heater unattended. As part of a series of topical reports that addresses fires in types of residential buildings, this report addresses the characteristics of portable heater fires in residential buildings as reported to the NFIRS [National Fire Incident Reporting System]."

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Topical Fire Report Series (December 2021), v.21 issue 11
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