Combined Space Operations Vision 2031   [open pdf - 148KB]

From the DOD Press Release for "Combined Space Operations Vision 2031": "The United States joins Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom in the joint release of the 'Combined Space Operations (CSpO) Vision 2031' today. CSpO is an initiative to address the overarching need to encourage responsible use of space, recognizing challenges to space sustainability, threats presented by technological advances, and the increasingly comprehensive and aggressive counterspace programs of other nation states. The 'CSpO Vision 2031' outlines the initiative's overarching purpose and highlights its guiding principles, including: freedom of use of space, responsible and sustainable use of space, partnering while recognizing sovereignty, and upholding international law." From the Document: "Space is integral to modern multi-domain military operations and provides strategic advantage. Space-based capabilities deliver a wide range of effects that underpin daily life, including communications, navigation, remote sensing, Earth observation, weather services, and financial transactions. Maintaining and supporting the availability of these capabilities are in the interest of each nation. Continued delivery of these capabilities requires complete access to and freedom to operate in space." The full press release can be found here: [https://www.defense.gov/News/Releases/Release/Article/2941594/dod-and-partners-release-combined-space-operations-vision-2031/].

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