Foreign Assistance: Agencies Should Take Steps to Improve Reporting on Assistance to the Government of Azerbaijan, Report to the Chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Highlights: "For decades, Azerbaijan and its neighbor Armenia have disputed rights to the region of Nagorno-Karabakh; in 2020, this dispute escalated to open conflict. While Section 907 generally restricts U.S. assistance to the government of Azerbaijan, the President may waive this provision. The President delegated to State the responsibility for making the certification necessary to waive the Section 907 restriction and for reporting to Congress on assistance provided pursuant to the waiver. GAO [Government Accountability Office] was asked to review assistance provided under the Section 907 waiver. This report examines (1) amounts and types of assistance provided for Azerbaijan in fiscal years 2002 through 2020, (2) State's processes for determining that conditions exist to extend the waiver and the extent of compliance with related consultation and reporting requirements, and (3) the extent to which agencies have considered the waiver provision when assessing programs that provided assistance to the government of Azerbaijan pursuant to a waiver."

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