K-12 School Security Assessment Tool: Technical Appendix   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Introduction: "The purpose of the 'School Security Assessment Tool' (SSAT) is to help schools create safe and secure learning environments without requiring the primary audience for this tool--i.e., school principals, assistant principals, facilities managers, and other staff involved in the physical security planning and implementation process--to be security experts. It provides action-oriented guidance to school staff by assisting them in identifying the physical security assets they already have in place and the gaps they have in their physical security system. The tool provides actionable results and relevant options for consideration that school staff can use to increase the overall benefits of the school's security system. The SSAT recognizes that no two schools across the United States are identical, and that creating safe and secure environments that promote teaching and learning requires considering unique school attributes such as the size of a student body, student demographics, the location and physical layout of a school campus, and the age of a school, among other factors. It applies the systems-based approach described in the 3rd edition of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructures Security Agency's (CISA's) 'K-12 [kindergarten through 12th grade] School Security Guide,' a companion product that can be used in conjunction with this tool to improve school physical security."

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