America's Strategy to Secure the Supply Chain for a Robust Clean Energy Transition [Summary]   [open pdf - 772KB]

From the Summary: "Demand for clean energy technologies such as wind turbines and batteries for electric vehicles has increased significantly as technology costs have plummeted over the last decade and countries seek to diversify their energy systems with more reliable clean energy sources to lower costs for businesses and consumers. The global clean energy market is expected to grow exponentially -- reaching $23 trillion at a minimum by 2030. Without new domestic raw materials production and manufacturing capacity, the U.S. will continue to rely on clean energy imports, exposing the nation to supply chain vulnerabilities while simultaneously losing out on the enormous job opportunities associated with the energy transition. Yet, in many cases, the United States has untapped potential to support greater domestic production. 'America's Strategy to Secure the Supply Chain for a Robust Clean Energy Transition' is the first comprehensive plan to build the U.S. Energy Sector Industrial Base (ESIB) that will be required to support the rapidly accelerating transition to clean energy. The report is part of a whole of government approach to chart a course for revitalizing the U.S. economy and domestic manufacturing by securing the country's most critical supply chains. This strategy will lead to stronger, more resilient, and diverse energy supply chains that will help the nation meet our climate change goals, establish the United States as a global leader in clean energy innovation and manufacturing, and create millions of family-sustaining jobs for American workers." The full report can be found here: [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=864503].

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DOE/OP-0014-1; U.S. Department of Energy/OP-0014-1
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