DoD October 14th Outreach Event - Engagement with PFAS Stakeholders Questions & Answers   [open pdf - 238KB]

From the Document: "'1. How are you sure replacement foams are PFAS free? Are you conducting additional testing from manufacturers?' ('From Andrea Amico, Testing for Pease') 'Response:' We are currently developing a test method that is sensitive enough to measure 1 ppb [parts per billion] or less of total PFAS [per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances] in firefighting foam. Once developed, we expect the test method to become a requirement for qualification of PFAS-free foams in the new Military Specification (MILSPEC) that will be published in January 2023. '2. What are fluorine free foams made of and what makes them effective?' ('From Andrea Amico, Testing for Pease') 'Response:' The manufacturers of PFAS-free foams use a variety of chemistries to put out fuel fires. We are still conducting fire performance tests to determine which chemistries are most effective, and we are continuing to conduct basic research through DoD's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) program. '3. Are there any circumstances where foams with PFAS will always be used within DoD?' ('From Andrea Amico, Testing for Pease') 'Response:' Yes, AFFF [aqueous film forming foam] remains our only viable option currently for fire suppression aboard DoD vessels."

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