US-Russia Relations: Geopolitical, Security, Economic and Human Dimensions   [open pdf - 510KB]

From the Summary: "After a period of détente, tensions are rising between the two former Cold War enemies again. Fundamental differences were already apparent during the Yeltsin years and have increasingly strained relations since 2000, under Vladimir Putin. There are few issues that Washington and Moscow agree on, but none is more divisive than Ukraine. Russia is determined to prevent further NATO expansion into post-Soviet eastern Europe, which it still sees as a buffer zone vital to its security and as a sphere of influence. Since late 2021, there are signs that Russia is planning renewed aggression against Kyiv; the US has promised a robust response if that happens. Both sides are likely to avoid direct conflict at all costs. Russia is not the military superpower that the Soviet Union was, but it is still a formidable adversary. Most of the bilateral arms control agreements that helped to maintain the fragile military balance have now gone, but talks launched at the first Biden-Putin summit in June 2021 aim at maintaining strategic stability."

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