USCIS' U Visa Program is Not Managed Effectively and is Susceptible to Fraud (Redacted)   [open pdf - 9MB]

From the DHS OIG [Office of Inspector General] Highlights: "Congress created the U visa program to protect victims and help law enforcement investigate and prosecute serious crimes. However, USCIS [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] did not adequately manage the U visa program. First, USCIS did not fully address U visa program fraud risks. For example, we identified 10 USCIS approved petitions with forged, unauthorized, altered or suspicious law enforcement certifications. USCIS also did not track outcomes of U visa program fraud referrals. As a result, individuals may be discouraged from reporting suspected fraud and USCIS may miss opportunities to address fraud risks in the program. Second, USCIS did not establish quantifiable and measurable performance goals to ensure the U visa program achieves its intended purpose. Additionally, USCIS did not ensure its data systems accurately captured the number of U visas granted. Without better tracking and accurate data, USCIS cannot properly monitor the program. Finally, USCIS did not effectively manage the growing backlog of petitions. Effective management of the backlog of eligible petitioners awaiting initial adjudication is critical to offer timely protection. The issues identified occurred because USCIS has not taken steps to address and implement recommendations from previous internal and external U visa program reviews."

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Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General, Report No. OIG-22-10
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U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General: https://www.oig.dhs.gov/
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