Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using Data to Find a Balance (Part II)   [open pdf - 0B]

From the About This Report: "This report was produced by the Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19 (PERC), a public-private partnership that supports evidence-based measures to reduce the impact of COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] on African Union (AU) Member States. The aim of this report, and the partnership in general, is to help governments determine the acceptability, impact and effectiveness of public health and social measures (PHSMs) for COVID-19, including their secondary impacts on health, food security and the economy. The report draws on findings from a telephone poll of more than 24,000 adults in 18 AU Member States (conducted between 4 and 17 August, 2020) as well as social, economic, epidemiological, population movement, media and security data. Briefings on each of the 18 AU Member States are available at: [https://preventepidemics.org/covid19/perc/]. This is the second regional report in PERC's 'Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using Data to Find a Balance' series; PERC's first regional report [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=838999], published in May 2020, similarly combined multi-sectoral data, including findings from a survey conducted in 28 cities across 20 AU Member States. Since the first report, PERC has published a series of biweekly updates, which can also be accessed at the link above."

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