Landslides Triggered by the August 14, 2021, Magnitude 7.2 Nippes, Haiti, Earthquake   [open pdf - 19MB]

From the Abstract: "The August 14, 2021, magnitude 7.2 Nippes, Haiti, earthquake triggered thousands of landslides on the Tiburon Peninsula. The landslides directly caused fatalities and damage and impeded response efforts by blocking roads and causing other infrastructure damage. Adverse effects of the landslides likely will continue for months to years. This report presents an assessment of potential post-earthquake landslide-related geologic hazards for the Tiburon Peninsula and a preliminary map of the landslides triggered by the earthquake. This hazard assessment is based on an emergency analysis of the currently available, post-earthquake satellite imagery. In this report, we highlight specific areas of concern that may benefit from more detailed assessment and longer-term monitoring. Our mapping efforts revealed that at least 4,893 landslides were triggered across the Tiburon Peninsula by the earthquake and subsequent rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Grace. We also observed hundreds of landslide deposits potentially restricting flow in rivers and streams. In addition, we observed landslides that likely affected roads by rendering them impassable or susceptible to subsequent damage from existing landslides. Because of the preliminary nature of this report and the limits of remote analyses, additional investigation and monitoring would be beneficial to accurately determine the threat posed by these hazards to people and infrastructure."

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Open-File Report 2021-1112
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