Cyber Defense Review, Winter 2022 (Volume 7, Number 1)   [open pdf - 6MB]

This Winter 2022 Edition of the Cyber Defense Review contains the following articles: "Addressing Critical Unlearned Lessons" by Jeffrey M. Erickson; "Tallying Unlearned Lessons from the First Cybered Conflict Decade, 2010-2020" by Chris C. Demchak and Francesca Spidalier; "Bringing the Law In: Unlearned Lessons for Diplomats and Others" by Catherine Lotrionte; "Private Actors' Roles in International Cybersecurity Agreements - Unlearned Lessons" by James Lewis; "Power versus Pragmatism: Unlearned Lessons in Dealing with China" by Nigel Inkster; "Unlearned Lessons behind Building a Shared Cyber Framework with your Geo-Political Adversaries - the Hacker Perspective" by Chris Spirito; "Unlearned Lessons: Why They are so Hard to Learn, and What Could Actually Help" by Sandro Gaycken; "Fighting Alone is called Losing: The Unlearned Lessons of Fragmented Systems" by Edward C. Cardon; "'Ally or Die': the Unlearned Joint Organizing Lesson and Key to Survival" by T.J. White; "Small States Learn Different Survival Lessons" by Benjamin Ang; "Some Things the Giant Could Learn from the Small: Unlearned Cyber Lessons for the U.S. from Israel" by Eviatar Matania and Lior Yoffe; "Paradigm Change Requires Persistence - A Difficult Lesson to Learn" by Emily O. Goldman; "All that is Old is New Again - Unlearned Lessons about Metrics of Success in Cyber" by Harvey Rishikof; "Powering the DIME: Unlearned Lessons of Asymmetric National Power in Cyberspace" by Michael Klipstein and Pablo Breuer; "Writing the Private Sector Back into the Defense Equation - Unlearned Lessons" by Andrea Little Limbago; "What Corrodes Cyber, Infects its Offspring: Unlearned Lessons for Emerging Technologies" by Chris C. Demchak; "Extracting Unlearned Lessons from Past Poor Choices lest They be Learned the Hard Way in the Future" by Dan Geer; "Four Questions Indicating Unlearned Lessons Concerning Future Military Digital Systems and Fleet Design" by Sam J. Tangredi; "Content as Infrastructure: The Unlearned Lesson about Cyber Security and Information Integrity" by Sean Kanuck; "Unlearned Lessons from the first Cybered Conflict Decade - BGP Hijacks Continue" by Yuval Shavitt and Chris C. Demchak; "The Need for National Cyber Insurance - A Lesson to be Relearned" by John T. Harvey; and "When Experience Speaks and Too Few Listen - Curating the Unlearned Lessons" by Chris C. Demchak and Francesca Spidalieri.

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