Security Guidance for 5G Cloud Infrastructures Part IV: Ensure Integrity of Cloud Infrastructure   [open pdf - 642KB]

From the Overview: "5G networks are being designed to handle the bandwidth, compute, and storage requirements that will be required for a predicted massive increase in network capacity as well as connected devices. For scalability, resilience, and agility, 5G networks leverage cloud infrastructures, both in the radio access network, core, and network edge. Cloud technologies underpin the implementation of virtual networking in 5G, enabling the dynamic allocation and management of networks for specific use cases, mobile network operators, or customers. A characteristic of cloud infrastructure that presents a significant security challenge in 5G is multitenancy, the use of a shared physical infrastructure by multiple cloud infrastructure customers, e.g., mobile network operators. Multitenancy highlights the need to harden and securely configure technologies that isolate the workloads (e.g., virtualization/ containerization) for each of those customers. In addition, cloud providers and mobile network operators may share security responsibilities in a manner that requires the operators to take responsibility to secure their tenancy 'in the cloud.' An additional factor creating security challenges is the increasing deployment of a multi-cloud deployment model in 5G with diverse and evolving architectures and design approaches used by wireless carriers."

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