Institutional Solutions to Enhance Power Sector Resilience   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Introduction: "How will power system operators, personnel, and end users react during a major disruption? Will system operations adapt to changing conditions and recover quickly? A balanced approach to power sector resilience that includes both institutional and technical solutions will help answer these questions. Institutional solutions include: [1] Building human capacity; [2] Improving access to data; [3] Enhancing operational intelligence; [4] Engaging stakeholders; [5] Developing a culture of resilience [and 6] Implementing other relevant institutional operational processes. Control center operators and power sector personnel will ultimately oversee the response to any major power system event, and their knowledge, skills, and training, in addition to the tools available to them, are critical to effectively managing any event [...]. A recent global sector survey from the World Bank (2016) identified low awareness of threat exposure and risk management standards and weak institutional capacity as dominant barriers to increased power sector resilience. There is a need to prioritize the design of systems and institutional processes as well as the sharing and linking of relevant data to improve resilience [...]. These concerns highlight the importance of implementing institutional solutions in addition to technical solutions to support power sector resilience."

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