COVID-19 Lockdowns and Gender-Based Violence Across Ethnic Groups in Guatemala   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Document: "Women often face barriers to accessing government services, particularly access to the justice system. This is especially the case in Guatemala, where gender-based forms of violence continue to be a criminal justice and health issue. [...] Following previous research conducted in the United States and Australia, this brief report considers how COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] and Guatemala's lockdown policies to mitigate infection impacted domestic violence for Ladinos and Mayans. Daily domestic violence cases were compiled from a specialized policing unit of Guatemala's National Civil Police (PNC) called Departamento de Atención a la Victima. This unit is located within police headquarters, particularly in areas with higher incidences of violence. Altogether, it has 53 offices across Guatemala. Units are staffed by female police personnel who provide emotional, physical, family, social, and legal assistance either directly or through outreach via other organizations. Victims of violence can report directly to these specialized units. [...] In Guatemala, there is not a socially constructed category of 'mestizo,' or person of a national ethno-racial identity of mixed indigenous and Spanish heritage. Rather, Guatemalans utilize the category of 'Ladino.' Ladinos are Guatemalan-born and have both indigenous and Spanish heritage, yet they choose to set aside signifiers of indigenous identity such as language and dress. Individuals of predominantly indigenous descent that utilize signifiers of indigenous identity are predominantly Mayan. Because of this, data for this study is broken up into two categories: domestic violence cases for Ladinos and Mayans."

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Gender-Based Violence Dispatch No. 11
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