Preventing a Lost Decade: Urgent Action to Reverse the Devastating Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Young People   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Key Messages: "[1] COVID-19 [coronavirus disease 2019] is the worst crisis for children in UNICEF [United Nations Children's Fund]'s 75-year history. Without action, the world faces a lost decade for children, leaving the Sustainable Development Goals an impossible dream. [2] In less than two years, 100 million more children have fallen into poverty, a 10 per cent increase since 2019. [3] In a best-case scenario, it will take seven to eight years to recover and return to pre-COVID-19 child poverty levels. [4] The deep disparity in recovery from the pandemic is widening the gap between richer and poorer countries. While richer countries are recovering, poorer countries are saddled with debt and development gains are falling behind. The poverty rate continues to rise in low-income countries and least developed countries. [...] [5] For the best-case scenario to become a reality, we must take action now. [6] Even before the pandemic, around 1 billion children worldwide, and half of all children in developing countries, suffered at least one severe deprivation, without minimum levels of access to education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water. [7] The world stands at a crossroads. We must decide to either protect and expand the gains made for child rights over years, or suffer the consequences of reversed progress and a lost decade for today's children and young people, which will be felt by all of us, everywhere."

2021 United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
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